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Hi, 🙂



welcome here!

This page is an invitation to you,

to live with hope, faith and love.

Let’s start with something more about my journey


My name is Milou Maria van Toor, born and raised in the Netherlands, with my parents, my older brother, and my younger brother. I have been living in different cities in the Netherlands and traveled a lot around the world ~ even lived about a year in Canada.

Everyday I discover more and more about life & I want to share about this here with you.

Why? I LOVE building a community of like-minded people, sharing experiences, learning new things, setting up creative projects and working together with a team.

I am looking forward to connect with you, to facilitate healing, to brainstorm together and take actions to create a more Godly world!

What I bring into collaborating with you ; my gifts of writing, creating, healing through Family constellations and butterfly massage, socializing, organizing and bringing structure. More than that I want to celebrate life together.



call/text +31653776811